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  • Training Period: 2017
  • Prior Institution: Academia Sinica
  • Prior Degree: Ph.D.
  • Project Title: Structural Bioinformatics and Structural Biology
  • Current Position: Professor, National Taiwan Ocean University

Publication with the Minor Lab

  1. Hou J, Zheng H, Tzou WS, Cooper DR, Chruszcz M, Chordia MD, Kwon K, Grabowski M, Minor W (2018)
    Differences in substrate specificity of V. cholerae FabH enzymes suggest new approaches for the development of novel antibiotics and biofuels.
    FEBS J 285: 2900-2921. [DOI:10.1111/febs.14588] [Pub Med ID: 29917313] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC6105497] Times cited: 1