• Co-author of 2 publications with the Minor Lab  (cited 40 times) [show]
  • Co-author of 12 structures with the Minor Lab [show]
  • Relative Citation Ratio (RCR): 1.38

  • Training Period: 2008-15
  • Prior Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
  • Prior Degree: PhD (1985)
  • Project Title: Docking Studies
  • Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor - CADD

Publications with the Minor Lab

  1. Chruszcz M, Ciardiello MA, Osinski T, Majorek KA, Giangrieco I, Font J, Breiteneder H, Thalassinos K, Minor W (2013)
    Structural and bioinformatic analysis of the kiwifruit allergen Act d 11, a member of the family of ripening-related proteins.
    Mol. Immunol. 56: 794-803. [DOI:10.1016/j.molimm.2013.07.004] [Pub Med ID: 23969108] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3783527] Times cited: 29
  2. Klimecka MM, Chruszcz M, Font J, Skarina T, Shumilin I, Onopryienko O, Porebski PJ, Cymborowski M, Zimmerman MD, Hasseman J, Glomski IJ, Lebioda L, Savchenko A, Edwards A, Minor W (2011)
    Structural analysis of a putative aminoglycoside N-acetyltransferase from Bacillus anthracis.
    J. Mol. Biol. 410: 411-23. [DOI:10.1016/j.jmb.2011.04.076] [Pub Med ID: 21601576] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3131501] Times cited: 11