Ivan Shabalin

Research Scientist

  • Phone - Lab: 434-924-2948
  • e-mail: ivan_s@iwonka.med.virginia.edu
  • Co-author of 8 publications with the Minor Lab (cited 54 times) [show]
  • Co-author of 87 structures with the Minor Lab [show]
  • Relative Citation Ratio (RCR): 6.17

  • M.Sc. - Moscow State University (2006)
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry - A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (2010)
Research Interest:
  • High-throughput structure determination and functional studies of proteins from pathogens causing emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases using combination of X-ray crystallography and other biophysical/biological methods.
  • Developing of integrative techniques for highly efficient protein crystallization with a goal of maximizing the number of successful crystallizations, yet minimizing the resources used.
  • Macromolecular structure elucidation and refinement. Exploration of novel methods for crystallographic structure solution and solving "mission impossible" structures.
  • Various aspects of quality assessment of crystallographic protein structures.
  • Metal binding to RNA and protein. Developing of a protocol for Mg-binding sites validation and classification in RNA crystal structures.

15 peer reviewed publications.
More than 80 protein structures in the PDB.
Recipient of the Best Postdoc Poster Award at 43rd Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting (2013).
Four awards during graduate/undergraduate studies.

Publications with the Minor Lab

  1. Zheng H, Cooper DR, Porebski PJ, Shabalin IG, Handing KB, Minor W (2017)
    CheckMyMetal: a macromolecular metal-binding validation tool.
    Acta Crystallogr D Struct Biol 73: 223-233 Times cited: 1 [Pub Med ID: 28291757] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC5349434]
  2. Handing KB, Shabalin IG, Kassaar O, Khazaipoul S, Blindauer CA, Stewart AJ, Chruszcz M, Minor W (2016)
    Circulatory zinc transport is controlled by distinct interdomain sites on mammalian albumins.
    Chemical science 7: 6635-6648 Times cited: 3 [Pub Med ID: 28567254] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC5450522]
  3. Niedzialkowska E, Gasiorowska O, Handing KB, Majorek KA, Porebski PJ, Shabalin IG, Zasadzinska E, Cymborowski M, Minor W (2016)
    Protein purification and crystallization artifacts: The tale usually not told.
    Protein Sci. 25: 720-33 Times cited: 4 [Pub Med ID: 26660914] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC4815408]
  4. Shabalin I, Dauter Z, Jaskolski M, Minor W, Wlodawer A (2015)
    Crystallography and chemistry should always go together: a cautionary tale of protein complexes with cisplatin and carboplatin.
    Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 71: 1965-79 Times cited: 18 [Pub Med ID: 26327386] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC4556316]
  5. Zheng H, Handing KB, Zimmerman MD, Shabalin IG, Almo SC, Minor W (2015)
    X-ray crystallography over the past decade for novel drug discovery - where are we heading next?
    Expert Opin Drug Discov 10: 975-89 Times cited: 7 [Pub Med ID: 26177814] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC4655606]
  6. Shabalin IG, Porebski PJ, Cooper DR, Grabowski M, Onopriyenko O, Grimshaw S, Savchenko A, Chruszcz M, Minor W (2012)
    Structure of anabolic ornithine carbamoyltransferase from Campylobacter jejuni at 2.7 Å resolution.
    Acta Crystallogr. Sect. F Struct. Biol. Cryst. Commun. 68: 1018-24 Times cited: 3 [Pub Med ID: 22949186] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3433189]

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