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  • Training Period: 2008
  • Prior Institution: Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Prior Degree: PhD (2006)
  • Project Title: Protein structure and function
  • Current Position: Associate Dean,School of Pharmaceutical Science, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Publication with the Minor Lab

  1. Hou J, Wojciechowska K, Zheng H, Chruszcz M, Cooper DR, Cymborowski M, Skarina T, Gordon E, Luo H, Savchenko A, Minor W (2012)
    Structure of a short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase from Bacillus anthracis.
    Acta Crystallogr. Sect. F Struct. Biol. Cryst. Commun. 68: 632-7. [DOI:10.1107/S1744309112017939] [Pub Med ID: 22684058] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3370898] Times cited: 2

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