• Co-author of 4 publications with the Minor Lab  (cited 32 times) [show]
  • Co-author of 10 structures with the Minor Lab [show]
  • Relative Citation Ratio (RCR): 0.70

  • Training Period: 2007-08, MSc <br/> 2007-12, PhD
  • Prior Institution: Lodz University, Poland
  • Prior Degree: BSc (2007)
  • Project Title: Application of Molecular Biology techniques to the process of three dimensional structure elucidation by X-ray crystallography
  • Current Position: Junior Validation and Qualification Specialist. Mabion S.A, Poland

Publications with the Minor Lab

  1. Luo HB, Knapik AA, Petkowski JJ, Demas M, Shumilin IA, Zheng H, Chruszcz M, Minor W (2013)
    Biophysical analysis of the putative acetyltransferase SACOL2570 from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
    J. Struct. Funct. Genomics 14: 97-108. [DOI:10.1007/s10969-013-9158-6] [Pub Med ID: 23963951] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3923901] Times cited: 4
  2. Knapik AA, Petkowski JJ, Otwinowski Z, Cymborowski MT, Cooper DR, Chruszcz M, Krajewska WM, Minor W (2012)
    Structure of Escherichia coli RutC, a member of the YjgF family and putative aminoacrylate peracid reductase of the rut operon.
    Acta Crystallogr. Sect. F Struct. Biol. Cryst. Commun. 68: 1294-9. [DOI:10.1107/S1744309112041796] [Pub Med ID: 23143235] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3515367] Times cited: 12
  3. Knapik AA, Petkowski JJ, Otwinowski Z, Cymborowski MT, Cooper DR, Majorek KA, Chruszcz M, Krajewska WM, Minor W (2012)
    A multi-faceted analysis of RutD reveals a novel family of α/β hydrolases.
    Proteins 80: 2359-68. [DOI:10.1002/prot.24122] [Pub Med ID: 22641504] [Pub Med Central ID: PMC3459670] Times cited: 5
  4. Knapik AA, Minor W, Chruszcz M (2008)
    2,3-Difluoro-benzoic acid.
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